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CVC strongly believes in “Ecosystem” and mutual growth. Over the years we have established various partnerships with several key stakeholders of the VLSI ecosystem. While we continuously add to this list of partners, below are our current partners and brief description of the partnership.


Aldec UNITE Program Partner

Aldec develops and delivers high quality, performance-driven EDA products for government, military, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive and control applications.

With UNITE partnership program Aldec actively engages with key partners worldwide to cater to a large customer base with complimentary skills being offred by the partner. CVC is a Training & IP vendor partner with Aldec promoting its products and solutions in local and global markets via trainings, seminars, webinars etc.


Cadence Connections Verification Program

Cadence® Connections™ Verification Program works with third-party service, training, and IP development providers to accelerate the adoption of customer technologies and improveverification-team productivity. The program provides a large, readily available pool of expert assistance for implementation of Cadence verification solutions and Incisive® Plan-to-Closure Methodology, and a shared knowledge base built upon years of experience with many different types of development teams and products. Being a long time promoter of functional verification technology, it makes CVC a natural partner for this alliance; together we create a vibrant e-cosystem!


Mentor Granphics – Questa Vanguard Program

Being a valued Questa Vanguard Partner enables CVC to access some of the most advanced technologies being developed at Mentor Grahpics. Mentor has been exceptionally great at supporting its partners in terms of licenses, hosting seminars etc. It is a pleasure to be part of QVP and contribute to the ecosystem!

OneSpin Solutions -Spinnaker Partner

“We are excited to be part of Spinnaker partnership as it gives us access to the industry’s most advanced formal verification solution for real designs. Our relationship with Onespin has been a longer one with early stage usage of our SVA 3rd edition book designs with Onespin tools back in 2012” notes Mrs. Ajeetha Kumari, MD & CEO of CVC Pvt Ltd.

“We have been a highly technology focused company since inception back in 2003. And Onespin’s advanced formal technology combined with our Assertion training and consulting makes it a perfect recipe for our mutual customers as Formal becomes mainstream”, concludes Srinivasan Venkataramanan, CTO at CVC.


Synopsys – VC Apps Access Program

CVC is proud to be part of Synopsys’s VC Apps Access program to broaden its reach. With appa becoming more promising, it is critical for a high-end technology company such as CVC to be part of this elite partnership to incubate a vibrant ecosystem!

Trusser Teal/Truss – Trusstor framework

Teal/Truss is a multi-vendor, multi-language, open source verification framework available in both C++ and SystemVerilog. CVC has been supporting Teal/Truss in local market and are also exploring some development work for VHDL interface to Truss!


Training Classes is a one-stop shop for all modern day training requirements online. CVC has been listed as a Training partner and has been receiving several important leads from this unique, free-to-use service. We greatly appreciate the value it provides to the community as a whole!


VMM Central – Member

CVC has been a key enabler of VMM deployment, dissemination right from its early days. Our technical executives have co-authored a famous book on “A Pragmatics approach to VMM Adoption” and our VMM trainings have been praised by many of our customers including Quartics, NVidia etc.